[Musicians’ Galore] Brian Higgins

21 Dec


Brian Higgins is a British record producer, who has written and produced albums and tracks for several successful pop music singers and groups, most notably Girls Aloud, Sugababes and The Saturdays, through his Xenomania production group. A key collaborator with Higgins is Miranda Cooper, who shares co-writing credits in nearly all Xenomania-written tracks.

Some of his notable credits include “All I Wanna Do” (Dannii Minogue), “Do Me Wrong” (Melanie Blatt), “Little Miss Perfect” (Abs), “The Boy Does Nothing” (Alesha Dixon), “If You Go” (Sophie Ellis Bextor), “Mr. Bright Eyes” (Rebecca Ferguson), “Pretend It’s Okay” (Little Mix), “Giving You Up” (Kylie Minogue), “Funny How” (Rachel Stevens) and “Come a Little Closer” (LIV).

Higgins has also teamed up with musicians including Tim Powell, Lisa Cowling, Wayne Hector, Niara Scarlett, MNEK, Giselle Sommerville, Jon Shave, Tove Lo, Paul Barry, Carla Marie Williams, Nick Coler, Jody Lei, Tim Lacrombe, Sacha Collisson, Luke Fitton, Toby Scott, Yusra Maru’e, Matt Grey, Kieran Jones, Steve Torch, Fred Falke, Jonny Coffer, Alex Vargas, Jason Resch, and Chris Lowe.

Hope you enjoy the following playlist dedicated to Higgins’s work!

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