Yuna confirms details for new album “Rouge”

17 May



Yuna has confirmed the details for her upcoming album.

The Malaysian singer/songwriter (real name Yunalis Zarai) christened her fourth international studio collection “Rouge” and will release it on July 12 via Universal Music Group / Verve Forecast Records.

Current promotional single “Blank Marquee” – featuring G-Eazy – is now available iTunes and all other digital streaming outlets.

The highly-anticipated project also boasts productions and songwriting contributions from Robin Hannibal, Chloe Angelides, Big Taste, Shungudzo, Jamie Hartman, Fiona Bevan, and Michelle Buzz.

See the tracklisting for “Rouge” below.

(1) Castaway / (2) Blank Marquee / (3) (Not) the Love of My Life / (4) Teenage Heartbreak / (5) Pink Youth / (6) Forget About You / (7) Likes / (8) Amy / (9) Does She / (10) Forevermore / (11) Tiada Akhir

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