Kiah Victoria releases new single “Really Out Here”

4 Aug

Kiah Victoria has released her new single online.

“Really Out Here” – featuring Kamauu – is now available via iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal and all other digital streaming platforms.

The track was co-written by Fabienne Holloway and Fred Cox, who previously teamed up with Victoria on the 2017 single, “Treat Me.”

Holloway and Cox have also worked with artists including Grace Carter (“Heal Me”), Idris Elba (“Fires”), Kara Marni (“Skydive”), Tori Kelly (“Mellow”), Rosie Lowe (“So Human”) and Janelle Monae (“Call the Lawd”).

Victoria’s most recent project, “Memo,” was released in 2018 via Tralala Records. That collection featured singles “Ornament” and “Betsy Ross,” as well as productions and songwriting contributions from Ed Thomas, Rahm Silverglade, Max Wolfgang, and Jonny Lattimer.

Stream the audio clip for “Really Out Here” below.


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