Amerie teases new album in 2020

1 Jan


Amerie has teased a new album in 2020.

“Thank you so much for all the love. ‘1 Thing’ has been named one of the past decade’s best songs (although it came out in 2005 but hey!), & I’m happy it still makes you happy.🎈🎈🎈 And #AMarines get ready, bc a new album is in the works (in the vein of my first 2 albums) ✨ May God bless you & all your dreams,” the American singer/songwriter posted to Instagram.

Amerie’s last studio album, 2009’s “In Love and War,” peaked to number three on the US Billboard R&B/Hip Hop Albums Chart and spawned contributions from Carvin Haggins & Ivan Barrias (“Flowers”), Bryan Michael Cox (“Red Eye”), M-Phazes (“Different People”), Warryn Campell (“Higher”), Jonas Jeberg (“Dangerous”) and The Buchanans (“Why R U”).

In October 2018, Amerie dropped double project “4AM Mulholland” and “After 4AM” via Feeniix Rising Entertainment. The LPs have been called a “two-sided concept album draped in late-night vibes and musings on love.”

Watch the music video for “1 Thing” below.

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